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Hair systems for hair replacement for men and women. Private consult’s please text: 720 987 5607 Let us measure you, get your perfect size. And install it for free! 

Denver Oncology Services:

CBD products for remission of cancer. We help you stay in remission with natural cures and the best advice. We are not in the medical field, but the beauty side of hair replacement or wigs! We get all natural advice and hair loss, alopecia and people who suffer from hair loss due to anxiety or hair pulling. We have sound/Kind health advice. We also do hair on many Oncology Doctors and nurses.

At Mane of a Goddess luxury hair replacement. We care about YOU! Many of our clients are in remission for chemotherapy!

Looking For tips On Denver Cancer Wigs And Wig Types?

Cancer Wigs: Wigs for patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer

Before you buy a wig, you should first talk to your doctor. Not all cancer treatments cause hair loss so ask your doctor what you should expect with your treatment.

If it is probable that you will suffer hair loss, ask your doctor for a prescription for a “hair prosthesis,” or “cranial prosthesis.”

Most insurance companies will cover some of the cost, or in some cases all of the cost.

Chemotherapy Wigs:

Wigs needed for medical purposes such as a side effect from cancer treatment. Once you are ready to buy a wig, it’s good to understand a little about what your options are! Let us walk you through the process with kindness and hope!

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Today, Madeline hair Design is a showcase for some of the finest wigs and hairpieces available anywhere in the world! At half of the price and double the quality! 
Russian hair, Human hair, synthetic, or blends of both, the selection is unlimited. Each piece is custom styled and fitted to accommodate even the most discerning of clients.

Mongolian or Russian Human Hair Wigs vs. Synthetic Wigs:

The quality of a human hair wig over a synthetic wig is HUG! We both sell and give away many systems and wigs per month. We have wigs from Raquel Welsh (high end synthetic can only be styled with steam not heat from a flat iron)

Our lace front wigs are made from human hair tied to a lace base. One or two strands of hair at a time are secured to the lace base by expert wig makers.

The end result allows for multi-directional hair-styling that looks and feels more like your own hair.

Conversely, synthetic wigs tend to be pre-styled and machine-sewn in lines. While they may look somewhat realistic, the minute you want to restyle, create a part or pull them back (into a ponytail for example), the limitations of the synthetic wigs become clear. The line-sewn synthetic hair generally cannot be altered and in most cases curling irons or blow dryers will melt or singe the hair on synthetic wigs.

Given the styling flexibility and superior quality of Russian or Mongolian human hair wigs, ultimately price should not be your deciding factor. You should also consider the self-confidence that a more realistic wig will give you knowing that you can wear it like your natural hair and style it anyway you like without feeling conspicuous.

Cap size, a wig vs a custom system:
We install hair systems including hair for $2950 to $3500 per system, it is a custom tailored to your head size once we measure you. We have a variety in stock! Some Indian hair for less ($1450), some Eastern European cuticle intact hair for more. Which means the hair system will fit like a GLOVE, no one will know it is NOT your hair. Even men wear hair systems, or “Man Weaves” now.

Choosing Your Wig Color:Our systems or wigs can be made in a wide array of colors ranging from light blonde to jet black. We HAND tie our hair in America. Not cheap labor! We can custom make your system for YOU! Or you can buy one of our stock pieces. Our wigs can also be customized to match any hair type, or curl pattern.

Ask as many questions as necessary during your consultation and be specific about your hair needs at the time of your order to ensure we customize your wig to truly match the hair style, texture and color that will make you feel like your old self again, accept NEW and approved. We are known for our makeup, hair, and lash transformations. We also do clothing styling to update you look!! We just LOVE to help people.
If you have ever considered trying a new color, consider this time your chance to be bold. Do you have straight hair and want to go curly? Or vice versa? What better way to tell the world you’re fine than to try a dramatic new look whether in color, length or style. Our natural hair systems give you the flexibility to experiment with a totally new look while still looking natural. Let us take your natural beauty and accentuate it!

Taking Care of Your Wig:

All wigs require some daily care, but it is often less attention than you probably would normally spend on your own hair. Checkout the “hair extension care bible Madeline” on youtube for human hair care. Synthetic hair care can look less shiny with our special texture powder. Certain side-effects of treatment, such as if you experience excessive sweating, can require extra care.

Get involved in the community: Denver Support Group Meeting | National Alopecia Areata Foundation
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Mane of a Goddess Hair is currently taking hair donations to:

Madeline Carrette

100 South Madison st.

Unit 6B

Denver 80309

Most hair will be hand made into fishtail braided headbands for sale in order to raise money for donating a wig every chance we get! Hair must be at least 4 inches! We love going to hospitals and hospice to kids in need with cancer or hair loss. Contact us: 720 987 5607 if you have a kid or elderly in need for our non-profit wig program. Send us pictures stating it is for our non-profit.

We also donate Princess and Mermaid parties to Foster kids or kids in need. We love giving Princess parties to children who’s parents are in the jail system under the age of 18. Text Madeline directly with any kid or elder’s story. And she will do her best to help them with her team of specialists.

Feel free to send money donations below for great cause!

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