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  • A full set of the top quality hair extensions by Madeline
  • A halo by Halo couture in 12 to 24 inches (In addition to the permanents to wear for your wedding day
  • Makeup trial for your wedding!
  • Hairstyling for the big day.
  • Madeline will include traveling to your location for the wedding styling (Must be within 70 miles). Madeline does love traveling! So if you have an out of state wedding, then she will travel to that location, if you buy the flight, or compensate for it. She will also drive farther in Colorado, with gas money compensation!
  • Madeline will include beautiful natural strip lashes extensions! She will also add strap lashes that day, on your Mother, the grooms Mother, and up to two bride’s maids!
  • All of the hair care products that you possibly need for your natural hair, and your extensions. Shampoo, conditioner, leave in serum, heat protectant, shine spray, once a week moisture mask. Madeline has you covered, girl!
  • A new professional hot tool of your choice, (pro flat iron, curling iron, or curling wand with a temp dial).
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