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We Make Custom Toppers and Color Wigs!

We make custom Toppers and color Wigs!

  • $950 for Indian
  • $2500 for Mongolian-Russian hair wigs for
  • $3500.

Text me to order: 720 987 5607 Or go to

We can hand color from Virgin Hair and ensure all hair is cuticle intact by Request!  We help people with genetic alopecia, as well as teenagers who pull out their hair due to anxiety, hair loss, and Cancer care recovery.  Many people are losing their hair on the top of their head to you to menopause,  autoimmune deficiency,  thyroid medication! Just ask us for a hair diagram so you know how to measure your own head.

If you live outside of Colorado we can still help! If you fly out to Colorado or in Colorado then we could do a free consultation and measure your head for a permanent system. We permanently install wigs by request as well as toppers.

We custom color toppers and permanently install them by request.  We love to work with PayPal and ship up to you As well.

Topper prices:

  • $950 Indian hair Topper aka “the fall”
  • $950  for a smaller Russian hair top closure as a clip in or permanent
  • $1450  for most larger Russian end of Mongolian toppers

Text me  for questions or a virtual consultation: 720 987 5607

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