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Real Stories From Real People!


Madeline is So Amazing!! I first met her on Christmas Eve (yup, the day before Christmas) because I really needed to fix a bad haircut before Christmas Day and she was so kind to let me come in on such short notice. I always have the best time at her salon and her skills are seriously the best! She has done hair extensions for me for the past 6 months and they have made me feel like a completely different person, with so much more confidence that I’ve ever had before.

The quality of the hair extensions are amazing as well and she personalizes each extension to suit your hair’s natural look. I can honestly say that Madeline’s salon is the very best hair extension salon in Denver and I’m always afraid she’ll move to Los Angeles or New York because she is so talented and I won’t have her here anymore. But, here’s to hoping she’ll stay in Denver for a long time to come! Thanks for everything Madeline!

Celena Aparicio

What can I say?! So much to say! I am forever grateful I found Madeline. She is not only the sweetest person you will ever meet but she is super knowledgeable about hair extensions and design. The minute I called her she was very friendly and accommodating on the phone.

As a mother of 4 children, it can be difficult to find time much less a babysitter to watch my kids so I could get my hair done. Madeline was very flexible and accommodating for my situation. She loves children! She definitely has a calling in what she does! I’m am glad I found my forever beautician!

When it comes to my hair extensions I absolutely love them! Madeline’s prices are consistent and she is very reasonable (this is coming from someone who has used hair extensions for many many years). Madeline will tell you she uses top of the line hair extensions and that is absolutely correct! I love my hair extension brand and type and will never go back to tape-ins. Thank you, Madeline! You are a blessing girl!

Melissa Tietz

Madeline is the BEST in Denver! She did a beautiful job blending my natural hair to the hair extensions and it turned out a gorgeous long length! She quickly got me into her calendar and responded back to my messages very fast with a very reasonable quote! I would have paid much more!!

She used 5 different colors to match up all my highlights for a natural look and it turned out fabulous! I have had 3 other salons in Denver do hair extensions for me and Madeline’s are the best I’ve had. She uses high-quality hair and her knowledge of hair extensions is the absolute best! Thank you, Madeline!

Katherine Polychron

Maddie has done an AMAZING job with my hair.  I came in with extensions from another salon I was not happy with whatsoever. After a brief talk, she knew exactly what I wanted and I left with the most beautiful, natural, soft extensions held to my natural hair with micro-beads. 

I couldn’t be more thrilled with my hair the past 5 months, and people compliment me on how lucky I am to have such beautiful natural hair 🙂 Maddie has also colored my hair with my changing moods and she is a pro. Not only is she an incredible professional, but she is also an incredible person and so easy to be with and talk to.  She has a pretty cute pink dog too 🙂 

I HIGHLY recommend Madeline Hair Salon! I will be flying from Texas to continue using her after my move in a couple weeks. If that doesn’t speak volumes…

Mel O’Connell

Maddie is a very genuine stylist and has always made sure she takes care of her guest’s hair needs to her fullest potential! Her prices for extensions are very fair and she is beyond consistent. She is the number one Extension Gal in Denver, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for great quality hair services.

I know she’s always fully booked out in advance so it’s better to make an appointment sooner than later! Thank you for taking the time to talk to me about my hair and pointing me in the right direction!

Amber Vojensky

Madeline is amazing with hair extensions and color. She matched them perfectly to my natural color, even with the ombre coloring that I had. It looked so natural none of my friends believed they were hair extensions and not my real hair!

Madeline is a beautiful and wonderful person, she always made me feel comfortable and answered any questions/concerns I had about the extensions. My main concern with getting extensions was damaging my real hair. After it was time to take them out, my real hair was still in wonderful condition, undamaged by the extensions, just like she assured me it would be!

I would recommend Madeline to anyone looking for hair extensions. She is knowledgeable, experienced, and simply the best extension specialist in Denver.

Heather Brown

Madeline is the BEST and works MAGIC!! Never have I felt more at home, as I did when I walked into Madeline’s this past June. Madeline worked on my hair as if it was her own and styled it beautifully. So much attention to detail and making sure I was I didn’t have a mullet anymore…yes, my hair was so short I looked like a lead singer from an 80s band!! I know my extensions were a hard job, took lots of time, but Madeline took her time. I am in love and obsessed with Madeline and Foxy!!

Krista Schafer

Madeline did such an amazing job on my weft extensions. I had such a short pixie cut and was really nervous on how she could make this work. She colored the extensions to the EXACT color of my natural hair, was so gentle every step, and made them blend in the most beautiful way. I could not have asked for a better extension stylist and will ALWAYS be coming back to see her.

Thanks, Madeline!

Michelle Schlink

I did extensive research as this is my first time getting hair extensions.  I chose Madeline for her experience, passion and of course great reviews.  Madeline did an excellent job.  She is very informative, she not only gives you the look that fits you, she will teach you how to care for your extensions….which is so very important, no matter what type of hair you go with. 

Madeline used Dream Catchers hair extensions, and I absolutely love the hair, no one can tell that it isn’t my real hair! Sometimes I forget it isn’t real because it is so comfortable and natural looking!  Thanks, Madeline!

Angela Lollar

Madeline is an Angel!  I came in for first-time extensions and was super scared and apprehensive of the whole process. She took extra time to listen to me, look through pictures, make suggestions and actually EDUCATE me.  When I came in she had pre-dyed my extensions to match my natural color but she noticed they were not quite what she wanted and took the extra time to make them match perfectly!!

She was VERY professional, confirmed our appointments, highly attentive with communication and was very reasonably priced! Hands down, there is a reason this gal gets all 5-Stars from real customers!  She is beyond talented and I’m so grateful for her!

ill esha (YES THE DJ!)

Madeline is extremely talented at what she does and very thoughtful.  She will always let you know of all options and ways to achieve your look, and I don’t know another hairdresser in town who works as hard as she does!!  She made me look great on a short deadline for my music video. This is absolutely the place to go for any extension work!

Desiree Jackson

I want to start off by saying Madeline is the BEST. I have been getting my hair done by her for years. I LOVE my extensions. She really KNOWS what she is doing. I have a thyroid condition that makes my hair thin and brittle. Since coming to Madeline my hair is soft, full, and looks amazing.

My extensions look so natural. I made the mistake of going elsewhere one time, big mistake. But Madeline got me in quick and fixed the damage. She works with your schedule to get you in and her prices are AWESOME.

I get so many compliments on my hair. If you’re looking to get your hair done, she is the one to come and see. Seriously don’t make the mistake of going to anyone else.

Brooke Jones

I’m getting married in September and wanted to have fuller, longer hair for my wedding day but my hair is not quite shoulder length. I considered extensions and started checking around. After numerous searches and price comparing I decided that just from Madeline’s web page that she was the right choice for me.

After a quick free consultation, Madeline got me in within about a week and had the extensions colored already from a picture I sent prior to my appointment. She then matched my hair perfectly to the ombre extensions and they look flawless! I was a bit nervous to get extensions because I didn’t want to look fake but Madeline blended them both in cut and color and it looks and feels like my real hair. I couldn’t be happier with the results! Madeline is so easy to get along with, we talked and laughed all morning which helped to pass the time as well.

Mousie Madrid

EXTREMELY HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Took a very shy niece to her who was upset about being bullied about her short hair. (Birthday candle incident). The lady took her time in making sure My niece was taken care of for her homecoming dance and styled it perfectly! such an angel with an attention to detail. I’d give 10 stars if I could.


Over a decade ago in high school, I chopped my hair off, and after the novelty wore off I regretted it. I missed feeling feminine and I missed being able to put my hair in an elegant bun or fun braid. But due to impatience and impulsivity throughout the years I was unable to grow it past my jaw. So I decided to save up for hair extensions. Since I’ve never had them and they are an investment, I wanted them done by the BEST hair extension technician I could find.

Hair is such an integral part of our appearance and it’s important to be in good hands. I did some research and looked around Denver and found Madeline – she came highly recommended and has hundreds of extension before and after photos. Now after seeing her I call her the Wonderful Wizard of Hair!

I am totally transformed, a new woman! I *finally* have the long locks I have lusted for and I look amazing. Madeline is a triple threat –  genuine, knowledgeable, and incredibly talented. I am so grateful to her! Everyone I know is just blown away by how beautiful and natural my hair looks and feels. If you are considering extensions, do yourself a favor and go into her for a consultation! She truly is the premiere extension specialist in Colorado and has made a lifetime client in me.

Elyse Himmelstein

I have been seeing Madeline since September of 2014 and she is one of the sweetest and most talented people I have met in a long time. She truly cares about you and your hair. She doesn’t try to upcharge you or sell you anything you don’t need unlike other salons. Madeline absolutely saved me after a horrible hair extension experience. I had extensions put in, but the stylist who did them refused to get me in for two weeks to tighten them…. The extensions were grown out and were starting to get extremely tangled, pulling on my natural hair, ultimately causing me to experience a horrific headache. I texted Madeline right then after finding her number on her website and she immediately responded and got me in.

Madeline was kind enough to wait two hours at her salon for me to drive down to Denver from Breckenridge that SAME night so she could tighten up the extensions. I ultimately had Madeline put in brand new Dreamcatcher’s Hair Extensions and they are absolutely gorgeous. She does an absolutely fabulous job. I now drive two hours just to see Madeline and to have my hair done by her. It is beyond worth the time and effort.  Remember guys: to expect awesome results, you often have to pay a bit more than you would at your average, strip mall salon such as Great Clips. You get what you pay for!!!! Even with that said, Madeline’s prices are beyond reasonable and affordable for what she does! She is not only incredibly talented with hair, but with music as well.

If you see Madeline, you will not ever be disappointed in the services she offers. She’s amazing and I am so lucky to have found her in Denver. Madeline did not pay me to write this review for her either…. It’s absolutely horrible that some people who are bitter and spiteful after no longer being able to take advantage of Madeline would think to leave such derogatory and biased reviews about a terrific hair stylist and artist. Don’t let their negative and most importantly, extremely untrue, remarks about Madeline sway your decision to go see her for some fabulous hair! Trust me, you will NOT regret making that appointment. Madeline is truly a hair magician/fairy. She WILL make your dreams of having goddess or mermaid-like hair come true! 🙂

Jessica Larson

Madeline was a breath of fresh air after the horrific experience I had at a Cherry Creek Salon! A month prior to seeing Madeline, I had paid $2000.00 for a stylist in the ritzy Cherry Creek area to do Great Lengths extensions, an expensive, high-end, and highly sought after brand. The woman used a cheap brand of fake extensions, which ended up ripping out most of my hair within one month…and would not return any of my phone calls.

Madeline not only immediately answered my phone call but did a phone consultation right away after I texted a picture of the nightmare extension job I had. She got me in within 1 day and charged less than half the price for a much better brand, Dreamcatchers. They last longer and cause virtually no damage to your hair. If you are considering Great Lengths, got ripped off like I did and need it fixed, look no further. Call Madeline…I would not recommend anyone else!

Rosemary Logsdon

I moved away from Denver to San Diego, CA in May, 2015 and TO DATE – I still have not found a more professional and amazingly talented hairdresser like Maddy!  I shall likely pack my bags and make the trip to Denver (even in the winter cold!) to have her install new extensions properly! She’s the BEST – take it from a Cali Girl 😀

Gillie Watson

Madeline transformed my looks from a short pixy to a stylish bob. My hair was thinning badly on top and my new extensions and topper have shaved years off my face. It’s given me new confidence in myself. Madeline is an amazing hair artist with great passion for her skill and her clients.

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