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SHADOW ROOT – Prevent damage from bleach

Many of my clients today, are deciding to add highlights with hair extensions alone. A lot of my clients have tried the ombre trend and LOVED it. But they hate the damage they got from doing it. They usually come to me with bleach damaged hair from other hair salons. Which as a hairstylist. I say that it is impossible not to damage the hair, when apply bleach to your already naturally dry and damaged ends. Especially in colorado. When we use BLEACH there always will be DAMAGE. So let’s try to THROW AWAY the bleach. As much as possible. And use deposit only color instead. It looks pretty, to grow out our natural roots these days! The lose wave and undone look is IN style. Dry damaged hair is OUT of style.

We suggest getting toned highlights with a pretty shadow root. With deposit only non-damaging hair color. That is low in chemicals, similar to a glaze! Deposit only color from Pravana, or Joico actually replenishes your hair. ALL bleach, even with bond builders b3, and olaplaex. Will always damage hair. Damaging your hair is OUT. A lot of the silver, pastel looks are so LAST year. Althought I still love some of the smokey rose and smokey lilac looks honestly! This year it is popular to only have platinum on the ends of your hair extensions.

Was your ex stylist, scissor happy? We specialize in helping you grow out that BAD haircut. Was your last stylist, BLEACH happy? Did she put you under the drier with bleach and/or foils? We FIX these nightmare’s. We are here to save your locks, damsel in distress look no farther… we have non-damaging cold-fusion beaded hair extensions. That will HELP grow out your hair with proper maintenance every 4 to 6 weeks. Maintenance is #1 by the way. Micro links will ONLY damage hair, when you do not get professional maintenance, and suggested care with salon products. Education is also #1 I love to teach my clients how to grow out and pamper their own hair. That is the KEY to growing your hair out. Hot oil treatments, masks, and not cutting or bleaching your hair! 

I am doing a lot more slight glaze’s on over lightened hair. We can add pearl blonde, champagne/beige blonde, honey blonde, and strawberry blonde! Coloring your hair with VERY LOW ammonia color. The more organic and less awful chemicals the better!

I would really love to do this color, a rose gold baby pink color, especially with a 3n shadow root.

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