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Come to our hair extension salon and speciality boutique! The best and highest quality in Denver.

Mane of Madonna luxury hair and hair care products online here:  Choose from our selection of cuticle intact Russian high-quality Russian hair in stock.

We carry many types such as NBR extensions, Hand-tied Habit Hair, Seamless wefts, Beaded Wefts, Micro link hair, Hair Dreams, Great Lengths, Donna Bella, keratin, hand-tied wefts, machine tied wefts, Russian luxury weft hair, hair extensions.

We have the best selection of high-quality Eastern European hair in Colorado.

Photos by Vance Valenzuela

Classes by Madeline, Buy on paypal below:

Text me the date: 720 987 5607  you hope for after payment!

Classes and Education:

Our hair is all slavic russian hair A+++ grade garanteed cuticle intact quality that lasts 8 months to a year with proper care from the "hair extension care bible" on youtube. All classes have no glue no tape no damage!

Class 1: $1500 Micro links and I -tip individuals, we suggest you do this class first. This class includes a set of 125 i tips in 20 inches or less. You bring a model or a mannequin! We train you 5 hours to do a full set of micro tip hair extensions. Make sure your client does not have too fine of hair in order to do this type. She cannot have major hair loss for this one! Medium to thick hair only! A full set will normally be $450 from us with beads and tools.

Class 2: $1500 Hand tied or machine tied luxury slavic wefts. This method is similar to NBR or had tied habit hair. This is best for clients with alopecia or hair loss! We have young kids who wear these even who struggle with alopecia. Wefts are life changing and the best! They give the most fullness! The beads are hidden underneath, which is why they are called "seamless". These have the least points of contact, and least damaging, also the most evenly distributed. A full set will normally be $450 and up from with beads and string and tools! Class 3: Toppers and integration systems : Let us show you the world of high quality russian hair for hair loss! You can change peoples lives, who have survived cancer and other autoimmune issues. We will teach you how to install a high quality Russian topper, and or a full system for clients with 75% alopecia. For clients who want a full system we must get their measurements ahead of time. Topper: $1500 (includes topper) Full Russian system class: $3500 (includes full system) To enter the class please call: 720 987 5607 text us a picture of your clients hair, plus a photo of their dream hair. We will help you measure their head or get them exactly what they want. We can come to your salon if it is a big crew for classes.

We do private classes or group Salon classes! $1500 per method for (2 or more stylists only) If you only want private hair extension lessons add $500 to Madelinehairdesign@gmail on PayPal or

Venmo: Madeleine  Carrette

Plus travel costs, we travel all over the USA to teach our trade to other hairstylists. I also am currently accepting interns for $4500 for the month if you are in school or just finished school. Contact Madeline!

Then contact Madeline to setup the date of your class: 720 987 5607

Want to be a hair replacement specialist like me? Help cancer survivor's, teens with anxiety, and men who want the new trend of "man weaves!" Get up to date and make the big bucks! Includes 1 full custom system for women, one for men! Must bring your own models: 720 987 5607 text to inquire or pay and setup class in Denver! Will travel for extra.

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