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Micro Point Link™ has been developed for those whose hair is thinning. If you are one of the millions of individuals who would like more hair to fill in your thinning areas without a hair system, surgery or using topical lotions … Micro Point Link may be the solution for you!

What’s great about Micro Point Link is that there are no chemicals, adhesives, weaves, transplants, matrix or hair systems involved. It is a solution that is very natural and very safe.

Micro Point Link takes four strands of hair and links them directly to a single strand of your growing hair, instantly increasing the density of your hair by 400%. This volume-enhancing hair replacement process is perfect for the person who still has overall thinness or wants to thicken up a hair transplant.

This process is not permanent in that it necessitates return visits from time to time as one’s hair continues to grow and requires cutting. More links are done as needed. Clients who have undergone the procedure are very pleased with the fact that they can simply thicken the hair that they already have growing.

Common Questions

What is Micro Point Link™? You just stated it wasn’t a hair system, surgery or topical lotion, so what is it?
Micro Point Link™ is a new process which links a single strand of your own growing hair with four new strands of hair (that we provide), instantly increasing the density of the single growing hair by 400%. This revolutionary process can be repeated hundreds of times to potentially give those who qualify thousands of new strands of hair. Think about that…how would you benefit from having thousands of additional hairs to comb, brush and style?

How is the new hair attached to single strands of my own growing hair?
With a special technique of using your growing hair as the microscopic anchor, new strands of hair are secured directly with your growing strands of hair without the use of adhesives, tapes or surgery. It’s quick, easy and safe.

Are there any restrictions on activity?
No. You don’t have to alter your lifestyle a bit. In fact, with a great looking, fuller head of hair, you may even find that you’ll want to be more active than you are now. The new hair we link to your own hair actually becomes a part of you and is designed to complement your lifestyle and activities. Your MicroPoint Link Technician can advise you on any specific questions regarding your individual concerns.

What about hair care?
Your Certified Micro Point Solutions technician will recommend the proper hair care products for the procedure you received.

What about hairstyle? Can I continue to wear my hair the way I want?
Yes. The new strands of hair will enhance your current hairstyle, not change it, unless that is what you want. Micro Point Link™ gives you a great deal of flexibility.

How much does it cost?
Your initial consultation is absolutely FREE. We first analyze your situation in a private, one-on-one consultation to see if you are a candidate for Micro Point Link. If you are indeed a candidate the cost is dependent on the actual amount of hair that we would add. Your exact investment and your goals for your hair can be determined at the time of your consultation.

What makes Micro Point Link™ better than other processes?
First of all, Micro Point Link™ is completely unique from other processes – it is a part of the Cyberhair® program. The actual Cyberhair® that we link to your own hair is so unique, it has worldwide patents. The most attractive feature about Micro Point Link™ is that it’s not a cover-up or a drastic hair replacement option; it’s something that literally is linking four strands of new hair with a single hair from the scalp – repeated over and over again until you have up to 672 additional hairs in an hour, and potentially thousands of more hairs in time.

Does MPL have to be redone?
The Micro Point Link™ process is not a one-time procedure. Gradually over time, some of the hair will experience natural shedding, and will need to be replaced. You should plan on returning for a visit every three to four weeks or so to have additional strands of hair linked into your hair. This allows opportunity for you to thicken the overall amount of hair (if you choose), and to replace any hairs that experienced natural shedding since your last visit.

How do I know if I qualify for this new process?
There are individuals we’ve seen who are not candidates for Micro Point Link™. Though they’d love to have more hair linked to their own, they don’t have enough hair to support hundreds of additional strands of hair. You really can’t know for sure if you are a candidate for Micro Point Link™ until a scalp and hair evaluation is performed as part of the FREE initial consultation. One of our trained Micro Point Link Technicians will be able to tell you very quickly if you are a candidate, and to what degree Micro Point Link™ is an option for you.

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