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Fusion hair extensions are worn for 3 to 6 months max with no maintenance. We have clients who drives to Denver, every 6 months, for a whole new set of fusion extensions.

If you are too busy to maintain your hair every 6 weeks, then fusions are undoubtedly the best option to consider.

Hair Dreams are the highest quality and priced hair extensions on the market. The best fusions are 7 Star Russian, cuticle intact hair. Hair can be bought in your natural curl or wave for a special order!
This video above shows how Hair Dreams hair is hand picked by hair specialists. They purchase the best hair in Europe. They procure locks of hair in the range of 10 to 30-inches. Then sort out the different lengths in a cuticle correct direction. They also hand tie top pieces, for people with fine hair at the tops of their heads.
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