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Why be AVERAGE, When you can be a GODDESS?

The most important thing about hair is that it is cuticle intact.  It’s not just the fact that it is Remi, (the cuticle is going all in the same direction).    Most Indian Remi hair on the market has been colored for at least 30 days in a basin. It is bleached from a DARK off black color (level 1 to 3), to all white for 30 days. Our hair is not bleached for more than an hour! Russian hair is super soft, and usually dyed from a level 3 or 6! We only bleach the hair up to the color that is necessary for the hair extensions! Most Indian Remi hair cannot withstand salt or pool water before it tangles and mats. The HOT SUN makes tape hair MELT off your head! So many beautiful brides have tried to bring in cheap Remi tape for me to install. I tell them NO, that I will not be involved in their hair extension’s melting off their head and slowly slipping down while they walk down the aisle at their Hawaiian beach wedding! That sounds like a NIGHTMARE. Say NO TO CHEMICALS, KIDS! NO TAPE, NO STICKY GLUE, NO CHEMICALS, NO DAMAGE! IS OUR MOTTO!

We do not believe in OVER chemically processing the hair, to make it the exact SAME from root to tip. Bleaching the hair for 30 days destroy’s the hair! Just as it would, your own. Have you ever had your hair over bleached and it caused breakage? Well, that happens when you get regular Remi hair, that only lasts 6 weeks to 4 months max. Companies that sell regular (average run of the mill) Remi hair such as Babe, The Hair Shop, Hair Talk, Great Lengths (it is more expensive as it is being made in ITALY and the rent is higher there), Natural Beaded rows NBR, Hot Heads, Donna Bella Hair, Most Tape extensions (not all), and most fusion extensions (not all do your research!). The LIST GOES ON! I put Indian Remi hair that has been bleached from a level 1 to a level 613 in the run of the mill “crappy” Remi hair that EVERYONE sells these days. Most hair extension companies want to sell you hair that falls apart within 6 weeks to 4 months. So they can RESELL you hair for thousands of dollars every time the hair goes bad. It’s just like cheap furniture, or cheap hot tools, NOT worth it. MAKE SURE you sign a guarantee in how long your hair extensions will LAST. I believe in putting the customer first. The CLIENT is the celebrity.

Before I started dying my own hair from Russia I used to buy Indian hair. I used to dye it myself with foils. I usually bought Indian hair that had been body waved and colored it. Of course, if the hair had been permed, I would only use high lift color on it (no bleaching or relaxing permed hair, don’t forget that kids!). I am amazed when I see Remi hair companies that bleach and perm hair. It NEVER holds the perm. You have to buy VIRGIN curly hair in order for it to hold the curl or the wave if you wanted to bleach it! A lot of companies sell curly hair made out of Remi Indian hair (aka, they buy Indian hair and bleach and perm it).

I LOVE the fact that cuticle intact hair is LESS work! You do not always need to DRY it. You can braid it, let it naturally dry. NO problem. Who has time to dry their hair all the time? I have busy Mom’s who drive from Longmont, and all around, even come from out of state. They were TIRED of having to dry their tangled average Indian Remi hair all the time. They had to wash and dry it every 3 days.

Ask if it is Russian hair. Make sure you feel your own hair, and see if it matches the texture of the hair they are trying to sell you. Look at REVIEWS, ask what COMPANY they are using. Research the BRAND they are using. AND CALL that company and make sure they are registered with that brand DIRECTLY. NEVER just take a stylists word for it.

There is a high-end European company that I am licensed by called “Hair Dreams”. I took their class. I bought their $5,000 hair laser so I could do their hair extensions for my favorite high-end client. Even though she LOVED the hand-rolled extensions the best. No one’s scalp grows in a PERFECT graph. Hair dreams carries hair they call “5 star hair” that is dyed from off black Indian hair (average quality hair these days sadly enough). Then they have the 7 star hair, that is of European descent. They also do high-quality toppers for hair loss. They only sell hair with a crystal bond (similar to keratin but not as damaging).

Donna bella hair, is the same quality as Hair Dreams 7 star but less than HALF the price. Always do your research. Ask your stylist to keep the hair wrapped in the package. Make sure your stylist orders at least THREE colors, to mimic their natural color. Even hair that has been colored gets sun bleached here and there. The MORE dimension the BETTER! Just make sure it matches well and melts together well. I love doing half point micro links, and micro fusions. The less WEIGHT on fine hair the better!

Check here to see how Hair Dreams pays women in Europe to MEASURE each hair STRAND BY STRAND. These women need to take breaks every 45 minutes for 15 minutes to give their eyes a REST. They have to wear special reading glasses so they can see better (so they told us!) I call it OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER OCD HAIR! LOL. I have never had someone actually REQUEST that every singular strand MUST be exactly 20 inches or whatever inches they asked for (no more NO LESS). But if they did, luckily I have the ONE company for them. LOL. Maybe one day a client will get a magnifying glass and check when I sell them 7 star Russian hair? This is the most EXPENSIVE hair on the market. It is a type of FUSION only.

 Our luxury hair line is super soft Scandinavian/Russian hair.   Cuticle intact means it has not been bleached 30 days in a basin.  99% of hair companies sell Remi hair so they can resell you Hair in another six weeks to four months. This way they can make m ore money on each new install.
The poshest salon that you walk in these days are very expensive.  Due to the high overhead of large salons with a ton of paid employees on the books.  We try to keep our shops smaller so that you are not paying for large overhead.  Our clients luxury Scandinavian hair is our main investment! Mane of a Goddess!  We will not settle for average or “normal hair” we want you to get compliments where ever you go!  We want to bring up that self-esteem.  We want to reveal the goddess inside you!  By not only providing the top quality hair on the market, but by teaching you the best and proper practices for growing out your hair.  Our processes have no glue, no tape, no damage!
Why have so many mainstream salons decided to do the tape fad?  It is cheap!  It does not require a lot of education or practice.  I call tape hair, the “fast food of hair extensions” haha!  Most mainstream companies do not care about their clients.  They only care about profit.  Which is why most hair extension companies sell cheap hair.
 I have heard story after story about my clients spending between $3000 and $5000 for keratin or tape hair extensions that has severely damaged their hair.  I only do tape extensions on clients that are completely bald due to alopecia or other medical issues.  When you take tape extensions out of your hair, even with the proper remover, or highest concentration of rubbing alcohol, a nasty sticky residue will still remain.
With most mainstream companies both your wallet and your health are at risk!  Always research the quality of your hair Extensions.  If you are going to pay a premium to get professional hair extensions make sure you are getting what you pay for.  Never assume just because someone is charging thousands of dollars that you must be getting the best?  At our company, we love to educate our clients! Not just our hair instructors, or stylists.
Number one customer service principle is listening to your client.  Knowing when to listen to your client.  And when to use your professional education.  Is a constant balancing act it is an art not a science.  My first advice as a stylist today is to cut the rockstar attitude!  Tear down your ego.  Be a humble and kind person!  There is also such a thing as being too kind.  You must also run a business and make a living and be a success.
 I am a total workaholic myself. My job is never done.  That’s the life of a successful business owner.  By investing in cuticle intact quality Scandinavian hair you are investing in your business and you your clients.  Both synthetic hair, Yaki hair, and most Remi hair have honestly given hair extensions a bad name!  Anybody with common sense who is educated in extensions would tell you this.  You do not want to put hot glue in your hair!  And, you do not want to put medical tape directly on your natural hair.  I have literally seen clients get their hair ripped and waxed straight from the scalp.
Clip in hair extensions as well create bald spots and major alopecia.  This is Hair that due to tension  and ripping out of the hair follicles may not grow back or recover.  I have helped so many clients grow their hair back after wearing tape and glue.
 I know that commonsense is rare these days.  So let’s educate people.  It’s not about the money.  I  understand why people only do keratin hair extensions as you get to sell your client a new set of keratin bond extensions every 2 to 6 months.  The hair that falls out or rips out you are not able to reuse.  So it has the highest profit margin out of any hair extensions on the market.  I am a person who believes in karma.  And what goes around comes around.  I could not continue doing tape extensions or keratin bonded hair.  I found that even with Keratin blondes hair or Great Lengths clients were still wanting to come back in within six weeks to put back in some of the pieces that fell out.  So why not just get them all moved up in only 20 min to an hour, and do microbeads?!
Do yourself  and your poor stylist hands a favor!  Bonded hair extensions are not only hard on their hair the twisting motion is way harder on your stylists’ hands.  Bring some enlightenment to the world.  Be unique,  be different, be the intelligent change you choose to see in the world!!! Mane of a Goddess by Madeline Hair Design Inc.  Let your clients be the celebrity!! Be humble and smart.
Russian hair is SOFT and lasts 6 months to a YEAR! You want the BEST right? You want the SOFTEST RIGHT? Let me educate you with my research and my blog. I live for the BEST and softest hair on the planet. My Dad graduated one of the best students at MIT and studied software engineering, math and science. He always told me the BEST scientists are the inventors! He told me to invent a product that would change peoples lives for the BETTER! I went to school for science. I did very well in Chemistry (why I am great with hair color) as well as Algebra. If you cannot find a hair company that you like MAKE YOUR OWN! Be the change you would like to see in the world!
Just like most main stream food companies most main stream hair companies want to sell you cheap crap, packed with coatings and chemicals. Be SMART! Get hair that LASTS. BE AN INTELLIGENT GODDESS! Your hair will soon match your new intelligent decision. If you are going to invest in hair extensions get the BEST in COLORADO! The Best non-damaging hair extensions in the WORLD! The best technology for growing out your hair.

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