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Hair Extension Maintenance by a Madeline Hair Design Luxury Hair Replacement

This video is to remind you of ALL of the most important parts about having permanent hair extensions. That’s right, maintenance!

You must raise up your micro beaded or weft hair extensions every 4 to 6 weeks. We do every 4 weeks for very fine hair, 5 weeks for medium fine, or every 6 to 7 weeks for fuller hair. DO NOT go past 8 weeks without maintenance on micro link hair extensions.

Micro link i-tip hair extensions, or hand-tied habit hair extensions, or NBR natural beaded row hair extensions are ONLY going to damage your hair if you go PAST 8 weeks without proper maintenance.

We are certified by many hair extension companies, please ALWAYS do your research and be sure you use the company that you love hair extension salon/stylist locator before you take the hair stylists word for it, that they are certified by a specific hair extension company! We have been certified by most of the TOP quality only Russian hair extension brands.

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