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Life Changing Before & Afters! - Incredible Toppers & Integration Systems!
Class 1 - Micro Links and I-Tip *Starter Class*

This class includes a set of 125 i-tips in 20 inches or less. You bring a model or a mannequin. You receive 5 hours of training. You will successfully complete a full installation of micro-tip hair extensions. Medium to thick hair is required for this class. Your model cannot have too fine of hair or major hair loss. Purchasing this much hair from us is normally $450.00 with beads, string, and tools!

Reserve Your Seat - $1500 [Micro Links and I-Tip Class]
Class 2 - Hand & Machine-Tied Luxury Slavic Wefts

This class teaches a method similar to NBR or hand-tied habit hair. This method is best for clients with alopecia or hair loss, but can be great for all clients! Young kids who struggle with alopecia wear these. Wefts are life changing and the very best! They give the most fullness to the hair. The beads are hidden underneath, giving them the name “seamless”. This method has the least points of contact. This method is the least damaging and the most evenly distributed. A full set will normally be $450.00 and up with beads, string, and tools!

Reserve Your Seat - $1500 [Hand & Machine-Tied Wefts Class]
Class 3 - Toppers and Integration Systems

Let us show you the world of high quality Russian Hair for hair loss! You can change people’s lives that have survived cancer and other autoimmune diseases and issues. You will be taught how to install a high quality Russian topper and/or a full system for clients with 75% alopecia. We obtain measurements ahead of time for this class. This class includes all the hair necessary.

Reserve Your Seat - $1500 [Topper Class]
Reserve Your Seat - $3500 [Full Russian System Class]

Private/Solo Sessions Available: Additional $500 Per Class
Will Fly Out Of State – Contact Madeline For Arrangements

All our hair is Slavic/Russian grade A+++.

All our hair is cuticle intact. The hair lasts up to a year with proper care. A convenient proper care guide can be found here:

Hair Extension Care Bible

All hair is guaranteed. All classes teach methods with no glue, no tape, and no damage!

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