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For Micro Links, Tape-ins, Microbeads, and Wefts:

Super Fine hair – every 3 to 4 weeks

Fine to Medium hair – every 5 weeks

Thick hair – every 6 weeks

Follow these rules to maximize the beauty and longevity of your hair extensions.

1. It is not suggested to go over 6 weeks without maintenance for microbeads, or your hair can get extremely damaged. This can happen not only by the weight of the extensions being too low but also by the tangling underneath the hair extensions which you cannot take care of yourself. If you wait until after six weeks, it COULD cause damage! You may need to have your extensions removed and reinstalled on new hair on your head! We charge $100/hour for untangling.

* If you cannot come back in for maintenance. You should buy fusions or micro-fusions instead, and fly or drive out, every 4 to 6 months. But PLEASE setup your follow up appointment in 4 to 6 months. If they are left in your hair past the time that your hair can handle it too COULD cause unwanted damage. Pre-schedule your maintenance or follow up removal ALWAYS! I will remove your hair dreams or fusion hair extensions FREE of charge if you buy a Luxury hair mask.

2. The second most important thing about hair extensions is to keep oil and conditioner off of the bondsbeads, or wefts. This can make the beads, tape, or bonds slip down. This is the biggest mistake that people make and that’s why I put it at the top of the hair extension care list. Also, do not buy shampoos with OIL in them! Be skeptical, look at the ingredients.

3. However, it is great to use hot oil on your hair from your ears down to the tip once a week! Hydration will help strengthen your hair and lessen breakage! Microwave a cup of hot water and put one to two tubes of the hot oil in the cup. Make sure the hot oil, Moroccan oil, or Coconut oil, etc. is at least 3-4 inches away from the beads, wefts, or bonds. Use oil at your own risk on your hair extensions! Oil can sometimes make your hair extensions slip a little bit more but it is worth it because to keep you hair soft and shiny. You will get more bang for your buck and your hair extensions will last longer with oil treatments. We have hot oil for sale for $5.00.

4. Use an Enjoy luxury hair mask such as Madeline’s Argan Oil Mask ($24.00) every third wash followed by a hot oil treatment three washes after that. If your hair feels super dry it is ok to use either hot oil treatments or mask treatments every time you wash your hair! Colorado is extremely dry and your hair needs moisture. If you are trying to grow your hair out, moisturizing is even better than getting a haircut!

5. You must clarify at LEAST twice a month. Wash your hair scalp well. It is good to use Madeline’s Clarifying Tea Tree Shampoo ($16.00) at least twice a month (for microbeads only). Another good second option for product is Pravana Detox Clarifying Shampoo (especially for fusions). When clarifying, you want to make sure that you scrub your scalp lightly but not too much with extensions!

6. Do not use conditioners with keratin or reconstructing proteins in them. Most proteins are really bad for your hair. I suggest moisture over protein because proteins fill the hair up and make it become stiff so it snaps and can break like straw. Olaplex is the only good kind of reconstructing protein. A small bottle is $30!

7. Do not use any shampoo with sulfates. Sulfates will make your hair fragile and dry. Do not use products such as Pantene Pro V, Tresemme, Herbal Essences, or anything not from a professional salon or suggested by Madeline Hair Design, Inc. It is best to buy products from us, to not risk damaging the beautiful quality of your hair extensions. Madeline’s Everyday Conditioner ($22.00) is really amazing for your hair since it has natural oils from the earth. Madeline and her stylists are dedicated to making sure you have the most organic system for your hair with the least amount of chemicals and the least amount of chemical damage. Or the LUXURY conditioner from Enjoy is also fantastic!

8. Do not use any volumizing products on hair extensions because they may cause them to tangle. The only volumizing product suggested is dry shampoo that you can use lightly at the top of your head such as Madeline’s Volumizing Dry Shampoo/Teasing Powder ($11.00). You can use this dry shampoo on your bangs or the top of your hair to help cover the extensions! It is approved to use volumizing mousse on the top of your head (on your natural hair only) but not too close to the hair extensions. Round brush the top of your hair for fullness only! Round brush only on the top, on your natural hair.

9. Use Madeline’s Glossing Spray ($22.00) to get tangles out of dry hair. It is also great for putting a shine finishing sheen on your hair!

10. It is very important to put serum on your hair mid-shaft to ends about 3 to 4 inches away from the beads or bonds. With Madeline’s Serum ($25.00) only use a quarter sized amount on towel dried hair after you get out of the shower. Use extra if you plan on going swimming. Or Moroccan oil ($38.00).

11. Heat protectant is also very important for your hair and I recommend Madeline’s Heat Protectant ($24.00). You should only use 350° on your hair and move a little bit slower with the heat than if you did not have extensions. This will help your hair from burning when you curl or straighten it. Also, it smells like candy!

12. There are great ways to style your hair without heat! You can put small braids in your natural hair and a larger braid in your extensions for wavy Bohemian effect with no damage! Use a sock bun when your hair is 95% dry overnight to create beautiful waves that will last for days!!!

13. Dreamcatchers Hair Extension beads have to be replaced more often since the paint can wear off. Each pack of beads is $10.00 and are made out of exquisite copper! Fair warning: when the beads come in contact with water they can turn slightly green due to copper and water corrosion. It is a natural chemical reaction that occurs with semi-precious metals! There is nothing to fear and nothing to be afraid of, it is just science! Think of the Statue of Liberty!

14. Make sure you use a pre-approved brush by Madeleine or one of her stylists. It’s not suggested to round brush on your hair extensions. Round brush the top of your hair for fullness only! You can use a soft for bristle brush or paddle brush. It’s not suggested to use a comb or anything that puts extra pressure on your hair. This can cause ripping even without hair extensions because hair is very fragile. Do not use fine-toothed combs.

15. Every other day you should vent your hair extensions with your fingers to make sure they do not matte or tangle together. Caution: do not get too obsessive with this because if you put too much tension on your hair you can break it, so please be careful not to overdo it!!!

16. If you would like to wear your hair up. Make sure your stylist does a “ponytail check” before you leave with the extensions in your hair. You must either wear your hair in a bun, resting on the lower top of your head (to reduce weight of the hair being stressed at the root). Or a low braid, or a low bun. Either or is fine, I know for my nurse, police officer and dental working clients there are regulations. So make sure you are comfy with wearing your hair back the way that we suggest BEFORE you leave the hair salon.

17. Always go directly to your current stylist to fix any and all problems with your hair extensions. This is a very competitive market, by going to another stylist you are failing to allow the person with most expertise of your situation to fix any issue or problem that could arise.  Competitors are motivated to bash other stylists work so they can get your business. Gossip and drama is no good. We love to help people and better customize your hair extensions to fit YOUR needs. So please come back in for a free checkup, or to change or fix anything, better to your liking! At no extra cost!

18. Make sure your flat iron and hot tools have been approved by your stylist. Before you buy a hot tool, or use one make sure to look up the brand reviews on Amazon or Google FIRST!

Enjoy your new improved life with your Mane of a Goddess hair!!

We live to transform you.

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