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Eden the doll!

Oh, how I love this video! I would LOVE to do a video like this! Who wants 30-inch hair extensions? We can custom make them for you by hand from Mane of a Goddess!

And I love THIS even more! My little pony hair colors! I have these in STOCK or we can custom color someone’s hair like this ombre dip dye, pink, and purple and maybe blue too?! Who wants this?! This woman is trans, can you believe it? She is so pretty!

Trying to manifest doing more my little pony hair! I would like to do more fun pee-a-boo pieces. We are currently giving away fun COLOR POP fun colors with anyone who gets a FULL set of hair extensions. Otherwise the fun colors are $10 each i-tip they only last about 3 months or so. But we can hand dye high quality Russian Platnium blonde hair as well.

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