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DANGER: Say NO to tape hair extensions

Hello Loves,

This method seems to be one of the most popular hair extension applications around at the moment. But after reading this blog, you will see WHY the MAINSTREAM is the DEVIL when it comes to your hair health. It is ALWAYS suggested to go to the SAME stylist. Do not EVER go to competitors. They WILL try to sell you their own inexpensive methods at a high price for PROFIT.

What do fast food restaurants care about and mainstream profit based salons?! PROFIT!! They want to keep their hair extension cost LOW so, they sell you “Indian temple hair” instead of luxury Russian hair! They usually have a huge salon, with a ton of overhead. TAPE HAIR,  I call them the “FAST FOOD” aka the “McDonald’s of hair extensions!’ Just like MAINSTREAM, fast food is bad for your body, tape is the absolute WORST for fine and thinning hair loss clients. Tape hair, when you take it out, it makes a ripping sound, similar to waxing your hair off.
I ONLY use tape hair on my bald clients. My clients who have NO NATURAL HAIR of their own, to rip off during maintenance. When someone does the maintenance on the tape, they use a solution made of high potency highly flammable rubbing alcohol that can break down the hair, and my skin/hands during removal.

That is why I say our Mane of a Goddess method has NO GLUE, NO TAPE, NO DAMAGE! No medical adhesives on your hair PLEASE. Let’s just say in general. Of course, profit-focused hair salons will want to sell you tape hair. WHY? It slowly damages your hair, little by little. SO that you will have less and less hair, every time you go in for a RETAB. The more hair that a stylist rips out of your head. The more hair extension hair they will get the opportunity to sell to you. The more hair loss you get from ripping tape out of your hair every 6 weeks. The MORE they know that you will depend on them.

It is hypocritical and not right to me. And I am sure they will try to sell you a new pack, or set of tape hair every 10 weeks to 4 months if they can. It is all about PROFIT. They obviously saw the damage they had caused, but simply removed the extensions from the damaged area and re-applied them elsewhere, only to potentially cause the same damage in another area on the scalp. These tape extensions are not suitable for all hair types. ESPECIALLY FINE/THINNING HAIR!

This stylist, obviously saw the damage they had caused, but simply removed the extensions from the damaged area and re-applied them elsewhere. These photos make me want to CRY! I could never do this to people. NO! This will cause the same damage in another area on the scalp. Tape extensions are not suitable for all hair types. ESPECIALLY FINE HAIR.

Traction alopecia is hair loss that is caused by long-term hair pulling and breakage due to very tight hair braiding, weaves, hair bonds or cornrows continually pulling at the hair root. If wrongly applied hair extensions are continually worn and the tension on your hair is not regularly alleviated, scarring can occur as well as permanent hair loss, leaving the wearer with a less then desirable appearance they’ll be forced to deal with for the rest of their lives.

Why does no one else in Colorado, do micro beaded hair extensions or wefted hair extensions?#1 The Russian luxury hair itself lasts 6 months to 2.6 years depending on care. And depending on how long the person wants to wear the set. That lasts WAY too long, they cannot keep reselling your hair, unless they sell you cheap Indian Remi. Almost all Indian Remi “temple hair” has been bleached for 30 days in a basin. They destroy the hair, so it looks the SAME from root to tip, then the out a silicone coating on the hair.

That fades over time, once the coating washes off, the hair looks ratty, and they have to sell you new hair. SO they get another $2500 to $5000. Nice paycheck for them huh? Especially since the Indian temple hair is only about $100 for 125 pieces. Our Russian hair is SO soft that you have the OPTION of keeping it 1 to 2 years. Which is unheard of, from other brands.

#2 The training costs $5,000 and it takes the most PRACTICE out of all of the methods. Sometimes microbeads have gotten a BAD wrap when they have been applied incorrectly. They must be applied 1:1 ratio perfectly. This takes a LOT of practice. Tape hair seems a bit more foolproof for people. For GOODNESS sake, children know how to put on stickers, RIGHT? SO that is why it is so easy for them. It looks me many years to perfect microlinks before I was able to make a living, doing it.

#3 The Luxury Russian hair is too expensive to have on hand for most people. But we live for our clients! So we put all of our money into our hair. We do hair emergencies almost all the time. We are KNOWN for SAVING THE DAY.  I had a bride, come in with GREEN/gray short fried off hair. She happily will be left with heavenly white platinum blonde 24-inch Russian luxury perfect DREAM HAIR down to her waist. We will make your hair DREAMS come true!

Come to Madeline Hair Design. Where you will be treated like the Goddess you are! Let us Reveal the best version of yourself. With NO TAPE, NO GLUE, NO CHEMICALS, NO DAMAGE.

If you think tape hair is bad, then imagine this one story. I had a client for a full YEAR who used to do her own tape hair extensions. She said she used a spray bottle of 90% rubbing alcohol that she sprayed all over her head and scalp. She said she used the highest concentration of alcohol. Since they were SO difficult to get off of the hair. As they are high-grade medical tape/adhesive. Even when the tape is out of the hair it would ALWAYS leave a sticky residue.

This poor girl who did her own tape hair extensions. Her natural hair had grown very long. So long, that she leaned over her desk and by accident dipped her hair in a candle she had lit. The candle was, of course, a casual open FLAME. She was smoking a bowl while she was doing her own tape hair extensions. So she felt a bit out of it. She made that mistake by dipping her hair in the candle, and her whole head/scalp and hair set on fire with the highly flammable 90% rubbing alcohol which had lit her whole SCALP and spread down to her face and neck.

What do you do when your hair, head, face, and neck are burning in flames? My client had PANICKED. Her boyfriend was a Doctor. But he was panicking since the LOVE OF HIS LIFE’s head a HAIR was on FIRE. He threw a cup of WATER on her which did NOTHING, then called 911. She cried so hard when the Doctor’s had to shave her head. She tried to save $2000 to $5000 on a set of hair extensions and maintenance.

This POOR girl ended up being in the hospital for over 6 months. She lost her job, her boyfriend stood by her luckily. And now they are getting married. That is why I am doing hair extensions professionally. The MORAL of the story is. Always get your hair done by a professional. Do NOT use tape or sticky glues or chemicals.

This lovely clients hair was growing back just fine, but she needed skin grafts all over, from her legs to her face. She suffered from PTSD from doing her own hair extensions. As who could have known that this could have happened. A total freak/random accident. And this girl was intelligent! Even as a hair extension specialist. I do not do my own hair extensions. It is worth it to pay the money and get them done by a licensed professional!

Always ask and call the company first, before going to the stylist. You must go to the company that your hair extensions have been done by directly. Even if a Stylist on their website, says they are licensed by “dreamcatchers” make sure you do a search on the dreamcatchers directly through their company. A lot of stylists can talk the talk. But that does not mean that they are licensed

Wearing tape extensions? Know someone who does? Thinking about getting some?

I have seen people’s hair bleed from the scalp, due to getting tape extensions removed. You can hear the RIPPING/tearing. It hurts my soul!

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