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Curly Hair Specialists
Madeline Hair Design is the premiere curly hair specialists in Denver. We have been certified by companies such as Diva curl.

We use our brand “Mane of a Goddess” for our curly hair line. These hair extensions can last up to a year with suggested care and products!

“Mane of a Goddess” Kinkiest Curl Number 1
“Mane of a Goddess” Deep Semi-Afro Curl Number 2 Coloring your virgin hair to your natural color is only $100 extra!!
“Mane of a Goddess” Curl Number 3
“Mane of a Goddess” Curl Number 4
Our regular curly number 3! $950 for top piece for full install and hair package! A 2 pack virgin hair weave (330 grams of weave total), includes install full braided weave or micro link weave. Includes top piece if needed!
Our “Mane of a Goddess” naturally curly virgin hair! We can get natural curl and NOT permed hair in virgin.
Italian Wave individuals and wefts!
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