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Madeline is the best hair extension specialist in Denver! She specialize in fine, thin, and thinning hair. We are multi-cultural hairstylists. White, thin, straight limp hair? Or naturally curly hair? We can customize your hair to fit YOU and your lifestyle.  We have helped clients who have suffered from hair loss with age, or through chemotherapy and cancer, feel like themselves again. We aren’t in this for the money like most hairstylists, we are here to help people.

Get a FREE text consult now! Please text me with a current photo of your hair the back and side in natural light. Then a photo of your dream hair and what you want achieve to:

 720 987 5607

You can book hair extension maintenance online through the button below. You simply sign in with facebook. You can also book a full set, but make sure you text Madeline first, to make sure she has the right hair!

Booking online is always the easiest, you can also Book an in person consult, ONLINE BELOW….

Our location:

Downtown Denver: 910 16th st. Suite 820 Denver, 80202


Hair extension maintenance:
$120/hour OR

On 25 pieces – $40

If there are 25 more than add $40 

Maintenance on 100 to 150 micro links:

3 weeks – $100

4 weeks – $120

5 weeks is $150

6 weeks is $175

7 weeks is $200

You must not go over 8 weeks without maintenance on micro bead extensions. If you are not able to do maintenance on a regular basis. Then it is suggested to do great lengths, fusions, hair dreams, or a Halo! 

This video below shows how hair dreams hair is hand picked by hair specialists. Hair can also be bought in your natural curl or wave for a special order! They actually go out with cash and buy the best hair in the european country. They buy 10 to 30 inch locks of hair and sort out the different lengths in a cuticle correct direction. They also hand tie top pieces, for people with fine hair at the tops of their heads.

Madeline does strictly hair extensions. No color, no mens haircuts or regular women’s haircuts.  

* Cancellations with less then 24 hours notice or subject to cancellation fee.

* Referrals are the best compliments! You can earn $20 to $100 per referral!

At Madeline Hair Design we believe in Karma. Non-chemical and non-damaging hair extension methods. We care about you, and the health of your natural hair as well. We will make you look and feel like a celebrity! Let us serve you a glass of wine, sparkling water, or yerba mate tea!

Please let us know about any existing conditions you have, we have also helped a lot of people who suffer from pulling out their own hair (adults or teens), or dermatitis, or kimo. Just tell us everything, we are the hair experts. We can help you!



Above, is Erin Hollingsworth, Madeline’s client, real estate agent and friend of 5 years!

Experience pure BLISS and professionalism. “Reveal the Goddess you Truly are!”



Our client and friend, “Cindy Wilson” a famous music manager who often travels to Nashville and around the world for her work. She is also a practicing Buddhist at a temple in Boulder!

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By putting down your deposit you are committing to a time of your choice. Deposit goes towards your extensions appointment. All hair extension hair is completely non-refundable once ordered by Madeline.

Need to remove your old hair extensions? She offers hair extension removal prior to service. For $100 an hour. She will remove your old extensions carefully so not to damage your hair.

We will also do house calls for $100 extra for full installs only! Madeline will drive and will do house calls to your home. Just know if Madeline is going, that she has Foxy her well trained 6lb service dog! 

We specialize in helping people with various medical issues, grow out their natural hair with our hair extensions! We have helped many of our clients who have thin or thinning hair. Sometimes it’s just the unlucky genes of having thin hair or hair loss in our family history. But we also help survivors of breast cancer, anxiety/stress, malnutrition, thyroid, hormone changes, post-baby and post postpartum hair loss, side effects of various prescription medications, and other medical issues can cause serious hair loss. Let us help you treat your hair right this our special methods, products and care. You can be in your 40’s, 50’s, 60s, and 70s, and still have long, sexy, full feminine hair, with our amazing hair extensions! Get ready to get some serious compliments. Unlike plastic surgery, our hair extensions are natural, healthy and create some serious beauty enhancement at any age!