Dreadlocks & Lock extensions

$65 per hour for dread lock maintenance

Dread maintenance by the amazing Keila, she has 5+ years experience with a backcomb and crochet hook. Denver’s best ALL NATURAL no chemical no residue lock installs. We really care about you and your person journey through growing and keeping your locks beautiful (NOT STICKY!). Infusing good karma and positive energy into your locks sick 2010!


Call Madeline to setup your consultation or appointment: : 720-987-5607

Price ranges: Maintenance: $65 per hour Maintenance is usually 2 to 5 hours for white hair, 2 hours for black hair
Full set of dreads cost ranges from 5 to 12 hours, cost is $450 and UP

Come in for your free consult or send me a photo of your hair: 720-987-5607 

Deposits must be paid to keep your time.

Look professional and classy with dreads done by the best stylist in Denver.

By putting down a deposit online you are committing to a time of your choice to get your dread locks done! Deposit goes towards your dread lock appointment. Have weak spots on your dreads? Patch them up with human hair to make them strong, thick and even again!

To put down a $50 deposit just go to www.paypal.com  to Madelinehairdesign@gmail.com once you put down your deposit you MUST show up unless you give at least 24 hours notice.

I do not currently take walk in’s as I make my own hours at my salon. So be sure to call and setup a time first.

Talk to you soon!

Feisty hair!!!

$100/hr for SYNTHETIC dread lock extensions by Madeline, $50/hr by Keila, aka non permanent dreadlocks, installation usually takes 2 to 3 hours. Synthetic dreadlocks. It is suggested to buy your own Synth dreads! They are perfect for festival season, burningman or every day!

Click here to see the least expensive synth locks

You can also go to www.etsy.com or www.ebay.com and search for synthetic dreadlocks, synth dreads etc. You will need about 40 pieces of double ended dreads at least.

 For micro braids and braided extensions $50 to 100 per hour, If you want to buy your own (suggested) go to www.doctoredlocks.net and

Maintenance is suggested anywhere from every 6 weeks to every 3 months. This is the perfect style for festival season for the summer, no need to comb your hair! Burningman, Wakarusha, Sonic Bloom etc!

Custom make permanent human hair dread extensions are $1600 to $2500

These last FOREVER!!!